The Velvet Room

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The new exciting EP from Elide. Available now!
Hailing from Brighton this mesmerising new EP sees Elide teaming up with former bandmates and other artists and collaborators to create instant classics.

Lost Daze
There is never enough time to engage, much less develop, every inspiration that calls to me. The minutes, the hours, the days: I feel them slipping away while am swallowed up by a disorienting fog of ordinary-but- necessary tasks. And in that daze, my days are lost. Still, hope springs within me too because the fulfilment of a vision provides such a grand sense of satisfaction that even the daze itself is lost, and this is where I rediscover my sense of direction and even my sense of self.

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ELKS combine an infectious mix of raw vocals, classic riffs and thumping rhythms. There is no fear of speaking a language that goes straight to the heart while making your feet tap, stand up, dance and sing along to the tunes.
Drawing from a wide variety of influences the band is never afraid of plugging a keyboard into a fuzz pedal or an acoustic guitar through a tremolo or playing with odd time signatures. Their sound is classic Indie as much as it nods to pop, and crosses over to rock while creatively breaking the rules of the genres.

The Fiftyniners
From the deepest depths of scary bat caves they invaded Europe riding a rocket flown by Elvis' zombie, armed with their lightning and burning rock'n'psycho roll. It's The Fiftyniners, skilled and vicious as a bullet hitting your head while spanking Bettie Page. Their live performances have been described as a “Cadillac full of drunken skeletons that running over your brain and shaking your ass until you pass out”. The new album titled “Hard Times” is a recipe against global crisis, a super strong dose of bloody rock'n'roll.